29 May 2013

Title: The Salon Performance Programme
Location: Anti-Design Festival, LondonNewcastle Project Space, 28 Redchurch Street, London, UK
Date: 18-26 September 2010
Type: curatorial project
With: Cecilia Wee and Neville Brody, Research Studios, Royal College of Art
Link: http://www.antidesignfestival.com

Pre-empting and responding to the notion of a cultural deep freeze, the Anti-Design Festival is an experimental and non-hierarchical space for the generation and presentation of performance, exhibition and knowledge, timed to coincide and in partnership with the London Design Festival. The ADF is an initiative of Neville Brody, graphic designer, Director of Research Studios and Head of Communication Art & Design at the Royal College of Art, London.


ADF Salon Evenings present a panoply of experimental music, sound, moving image, spoken word, performance and digital practice by some of the most exciting artists working in the UK and beyond. During each night of the Anti-Design Festival, specially curated evenings will range from a daring sub cosplay event with subversive sounds and performance curated by Emily Owusu (Grand Cos Play Ball) on Saturday 25 September to Resonance FM guest curating an event exploring negative space and anti-matter on Tuesday 21 September. On Monday 20 September, Cecilia Wee presents an evening of exploring electro-magnetism, data and ownership, Thursday 23 September sees Jon Wozencroft curating new work by Touch artist Philip Jeck and on Friday 24 September the Obsessive Classification Disorder (masterminded by Yomi Ayeni) takes over the Salon to re-order expectations and understandings of narrative and semiotics in a tableaux of story-telling and music. Other nights will feature a lecture about what art will look like in 50 years time by visual artist Tom Badley, new performance by the ever-provocative Mark McGowan, subliminal music performance by Jennifer Walshe, Rorschach flags made by Peter Lewis and Makiko Nagaya (Redux Projects), stroboscopic noise machines from Ryan Jordan, and new interactive work testing belief by Steven Ounanian.

Saturday 18 September
Mark Moore (SExpress) and Leila Arab present Turntable concrete...in pursuit of noise.

Mark Moore describes it as:
A soundscape performance piece encompassing a mosaic of ambient to noise to silence. Created from our own musical/sound pieces mixed with other people's records which will be electronically treated. We wish to question the role of DJ as mainstream entertainer as opposed to creative renegade and agent provocateur.


Sunday 19 September
Subverting belief - an evening of performance curated by Cecilia Wee including:

Mark McGowan on what it is like to be a football hooligan
Bill Thompson discusses digitization and giving the enlightenment another 500 years
Steven Ounanian performs audience experiments about belief
Ryan Jordan presents Sensory Response Systems - immersing, hypnotic, and sometimes hallucinatory noise performance


Monday 20 September
How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Technology, curated by Cecilia Wee

Exploring electro-magnetism, data and ownership through lecture, performance and sounds including:
A performonstration, Manually Decode the Magnetic Stripe (or When Crafting Leads to Hacking) by Jenny Leary
Ken Hollings, a lecture on sex, death and design, Towards A Sexual History Of Machines
Less Crouton Jonez perform a shamanistic noise project based on electromagnetic interference and voltage switching miniature turntables


Tuesday 21 September
Anti-Matters, curated by Richard Thomas (Resonance FM)

An evening of talks about negation, negative space, negative aesthetics, trash culture and anti-matter, including:
SHREDS - Stewart Home discusses anti-art, auto-destructive art and shreds books in an homage to John Latham.
The Psychoanalysis of Trash - Ken Hollings gives a lecture on how Ludwig II of Bavaria and Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Big Daddy Roth, Morris Lapidus and Kenneth Anger can never be recycled
Sewer Side - Anthropologist and broadcaster Bruno Rinvolucri (University of Oxford) has spent the last two years exploring London's sewer system, a subterranean negative space if ever there was one.
Destruction and Negative Space Curator Mathieu Copeland discusses auto-destructive art, and art and voids.
Anti-Matter - Dr.Ed Gerstner, physicist and the editor of Nature Physics magazine discusses particle physics and matter and its opposite, anti-matter.


Wednesday 22 September
Curated by Emily Owusu

A unique visual collection of 3 live energetic bands. Alongside a spectacular daring installation performance by Begona Fernández and guest DJ Kitten:
JOHNNY Lazer^^
Raven Beats Crow
Pharaohs From the Grave


Thursday 23 September
Music curated by Jon Wozencroft

Philip Jecks An Ark for the Listener


Friday 24 September
Curated by Yomi Ayeni, Directed by the public

Obsessive Classification Disorders Receive & React launches a four-month transmedia project to reconnect the world to the intuitive basis of words and meaning. Using music, performance art and a new language based on symbols, OCD explores what it means to reconnect with the gut instinct behind semantics and communication. Witness the power of our utterances as performers respond to participant generated content proving that the word is mightier than the sword.

Saturday 25 September
Sub Cosplay ball, curated by Emily Owusu (Grand Cos Play Ball)

An evening of spontaneous entertainment from installation artists including guest performers Sputniko!, Emily Bastian, Chococat, DJs, fashion show, cabaret and live illustration by Jason Atomic throughout the night inspired by Japanese pop / culture, cosplay and spontaneous art.

Cosplay! - Originating from Japan, meaning Costume-Play - is now an underground subculture, made through Japanese popular media such as cartoons, games, art models and comic books. A new anti high-street fashion movement as people strive to wear the impossible and are forced to re-create it.


Sunday 26 September
Future Finale, curated by Cecilia Wee

Jennifer Walshe presents a voice and electronics performance with Irish outsider artist Caoimhin Breathnachs texts and subliminal tapes
Artist Tom Badley talks about breaking and being broken in Anti-Design
" "[sic] TIM GOLDIE (one of the most original noise musicians today)
6th Hour Productions ask the public to partake in a perilous artistic act

The Anti-Design Festival ends with a performance by Makiko Nagaya and Peter Lewis with Michael Bynoe (percussion) making 4 Flags/4 Stops using Rorschach paintings; four circles