Peter Lewis


/seconds at Sharjah Art Foundation Selected writing (publication)


/seconds exhibition (installation)


Anarchive (curatorial series)


Art in 12 Parts (text)


Art Science Fiction, Henry Moore Lecture Theatre, Leeds Art Gallery (symposium)


Botticelli rock (drawings)


Colloque international [LirRESPONSABILITÉ de lArtiste]


Diagrams (drawing)


Endgames (catalogue essay)


Generators 1976-2014 (drawings)


Greece Rorschach (performance)


Hypnagogia (drawing)


In a series of written works and scores (text)


In Bad Shape (text)


Interactual (text)


Leftovers of Curating (text)


Lost Rorschach (book)


Maps (drawing)


Melencolia 1 (text)


Meno : Beauty (Installation)


Messages from the Big Blue (postcards) Museum Man, Berlin (airmail project)


Red Stripe and postcards (Installation: variable dimensions)


Seconds panel discussion (video)


Sleepers (video)


Storage (projection)


The (Ir)Responsibility of the Artist (conference, Beaux Arts, Paris)


The (Ir)Responsibility of the Artist (failure) Beaux Arts Paris (conference)


The (Ir)responsibility of the Artist (failure), pictured with Gerhard and Kasimir Merz (conference)


The Internet, the Voice, the Gulf Sharjah Art Foundation (broadcast)


The [Ir]responsibility of the Artist, Beaux Arts, Paris (conference)


Things in Mind (text)


Virginia ( online installation )


Waste-lands 2012 (catalogue essay)


Waterfall (series, after Étant donnés) (painting/cupboard)