6 Days Goodbye Poems Of Ophelia

11 November 2013

(Please note the video starts in blackness.)
A painted story of suicide with messages left on a haunted answer phone. The image is created out of bacteria and based on the famous John Millais painting. (This is Day one of 6 phases completed phase 2013.)

6 Days Goodbye Poems Of Ophelia, Day 1
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A green bacterium was used for all the plant life represented in this animated painting, Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

In the Shakespeare play Hamlet, Ophelia drowns and is suspected of suicide. I wanted to paint an Ophelia who finds her true self while drowning in a place between life and death. Ive always been fascinated by the idea of death and dying, and what about if we can be contacted via technology after weve passed over?

Thanks to research and development support from The Wellcome Trust and Dr Simon Park who provided the beautiful bacterial colours for this work.

Please contribute to the sound track for more phases by leaving a voice tribute to Ophelia at +44 (0) 2071839366 to Ophelia (standard land line Uk rates in the UK).

List of poets and people that have been included in the video enclosed:-
Poetry to the Ophelia project phases so far:
Robert Simpson: Beat and Abuse
Sandra Wheen: Damp Morning
Ralf: Rumi poetry reading
Julie Shackson: Ophelia Lies In Tragic Repose
kim Morrissey: The person you are calling Knows You Are Waiting. and Just Dump Him
Margret Atkinson, Im forever blowing bubbles(to be included)
Nicky Heinen, flute playing
Peter Murphy: Love Remains.
Bithi Das: This is Your Mother
Nicola Southin: As we Always Laughed
Annouchka Bayley: Saoshyant
Richard Niman: Does She Have Cold Feet and Nude
Rashaan Tomlin-Mclean: I am calm and floating in the air: age 7
Bria Lawrence: Fire and Water woman: age 9
Good-bye Ophelia: Skye, age 11
Troi Leacock: Still like shes asleep: age 8
Georgia Harris: The bacteria lady looks like a mermaid: year 7
Ros Williams: Lady of Tragedy:
Jane Andrews: We,Wet,Wet:
Pauline Wood: You Are It For All Us Girls
Harry Leckstein (not used yet but will be a part of phase 2):
The Other Bewlay Brother
Jowie Head: music, (not used yet) Ophelia singing swinging
Thanks to Janett Plummer

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