Observational Drawing 1

8 November 2013

The camera is on the floor, we can tell that because the beige carpet takes up most of the bottom part of
the screen. The carpet is pristine, it might even be brand new, there are no signs of age to it at any rate.
The tall mirror is set on the floor, leaning against the seemingly freshly painted, naked magnolia walls.
There are no other items of furniture on the screen at present.
The girl is sitting in front of the mirror but behind the camera, we can only see her reflection. She has
no clothes on apart from a pair of six inch black patent leather shoes with straps around the ankles, her
legs are akimbo. She does not yet possess the hips and waist of a woman, her breasts are proudly
apparent, though early in their development. She plays with herself. She does not seem to understand
the pleasure it is meant to give her, but she knows where her fingers are meant to go. She is performing.
After a minute of this exhibition, the girl clumsily gets to her feet, the shoes hinder her somewhat. The
camera is lifted from its resting place but not by her. We are now aware that there is someone else in
the room with her. She opens the door of the sparsely decorated room and enters the broad hallway. The
carpet and walls are uniformly decorated in the same manor. A naked man enters the frame, a third
party, (he is not the one holding the camera) he is tall with an athletic build. We do not see his face.
The girl leans against the wall, she seems to be finding the shoes cumbersome. The man fondles her
breasts and then her clitoris, she looks up at him as though looking for reassurance or guidance. The
man places a hand on her shoulder and guides her down into a kneeling position, she obliges. His penis
and her face are now in close up. She doesn't look at his penis, she looks up to what maybe his face but
it is out of shot. He places the tip of his penis on her lips, she tentatively kisses it, she doesn't seem to
know what is expected of her.
The tall man taps her mouth with his tip, she understands now, she opens her mouth. Her eyes still
fixed in an upward gaze, wide and searching. His penis is very large, he pushes it inside her mouth. She
remains almost inanimate, still looking for guidance. He retracts and then slowly re-enters, several
times. Then he speaks to her, Stick your tongue out. She strains to do so but she obliges.
With her tongue firmly pressed against her teeth and bottom lip, he thrusts his penis down her throat.
She flinches, he holds her head firmly and stays in that position for a moment, her eyes begin to water.
The camera person moves into a new position baring down on her, she is unable to breath in this pose.
The tall man begins to slowly retract and then tells her to lick it.
The editor of the film has cut to a different set up.
We now see the pair in a new pose, still in the broad hallway. The girl is on her hands and knees facing
away from the camera and the tall man is fucking her from behind. The pose is an awkward one
because of the difference in their body sizes. His legs are too long or hers are too short. The tall man
attempts to pull her backside up onto his penis and angles himself to enter her fully. We can't see their
faces. She isn't making any noise. All we can hear are the sounds of bodily fluids and skin friction. This
lasts for a few minutes, but it looks uncomfortable for both of them. At last the tall man tires of it and
with himself still firmly inside her he scoops up the girl, holding her around the waist and under her
legs, behind the knees. He stands up easily, she seems to weigh nothing to him. Her shoes make a
clattering sound as he does so. He walks with her still on him, away from the camera, into another
The editor cuts to another scene again.
This new scene is set in a very large kitchen. The kitchen looks newly fitted, there are no utensils in
sight apart from a large wooden chopping board placed next to the sink which sits on an island in the
center of the Kitchen come dinner. The tall man places the girl on the surface next to the sink, her back
rests on the wooden board, her buttocks balanced on the edge of the counter. The girls legs dangle, her
feet, still strapped in patent stacks have nowhere to rest. The tall man catches her legs at the back of the
knee and pulls them open, the camera moves closer, it's now poised on both of their genitals. The
screen is filled with her blemish-less hairless skin, pierced by the vein-y trunk of his penis. This lasts
for several minutes with very little variation. She is not a noise maker, the only sound is the squelching
of wet genitalia. The tall man is also absent vocally, his rhythm and speed do not change, we only know
he has cum when he takes his penis out of the girl and the camera zooms into her vagina, where we see
his semen seep out.