1 January 2012

What may correspond to the idea of nyau in my case would then be paying pragmatically taxes to the state and dealing with people from everydays life, that I never would have dreamed of ever to exist, nor even to meet with, if I would have got stuck in the artmarket and its predominant system. 98% of my wineclients (some 6000) have no idea of what contemporary art could be, or a hunch, that me, the Austrian winedealer could be an artist,
bullshitting, lying, doing a good deed or feeling loved barely possible
aware of insatiable demands of not a society all around you
chunky frat boys in their shorts, pimps with old submissive eyes
sex hoochies of the jungle, sensitive smart alec college graduates

© Kurt Ryslavy (first six lines) & James Newell Osterberg, Jr. altered by Kurt Ryslavy (last four lines)