Waste-lands at Leeds Metropolitan University; Virtue Horizon, Leeds Art Gallery 2012

4 June 2013

Two projects, presented in two spaces; videos by Matthew Hynds

Group exhibition staged by students from the MA Art & Design course at Leeds Met. The exhibition was held at Leeds Art Gallery on 31st March 2012... The discussion focussed on the idea of 'virtue' in art.

In June 2012 I travelled to Alaska to make a video about walruses. I spent three days on Round Island in Bristol Bay, part of the Walrus Islands state game sanctuary. During this time I recorded these magnificent animals swimming and relaxing on the beaches. I also stayed in Anchorage where I met some friendly Native American people who let me hang out with them for a few days and record interviews. This video was presented as a large split-screen projection in September 2012, as part of the Waste-lands MA exhibition at Leeds Metropolitan University. Many thanks to all those who appeared in the video - Diane Okonek, who works on Round Island and made underwater recordings of the walruses. And my Native American friends, who I hope to meet again some day - Walter 'Chako' Coppock, Rachel Koonooka, and Guy and Alice Merculief. I am currently in the process of editing a documentary about walruses, which will feature more interviews with some of the experts I spoke to during the trip.