Makiko Nagaya and Disinformation, Rorschach Performance

30 March 2011

"Rorschach Audio" soundtrack and video by Disinformation, accompanying the Rorschach performance by painter Makiko Nagaya in the Superhybrid event at The Highlight, Leeds, 30 March 2011. Headphones or external hi-fi loudspeakers highly recommended.

Artists featured in Superhybrid Leeds include Tim Brotherton & Katrin Lock, Michael Burkitt, Richard Crow & Douglas Park, Shezad Dawood, Black Dogs, Disinformation & Makiko Nagaya, Alan Dunn, Ben Judd, Rory Macbeth, Harold Offeh, Mark Dean Quinn, Clunie Reid, Paul Sakoilsky and Micheale Spessa, with Leeds Metropolitan University MA Art & Design students Tim Caswell, Matthew Day, Phillipa Dyrlaga, Ken Fackrell, Natasha Howe, Matthew Hynds, Ruth Jamieson, Samira Lalani, Layla Rassouli, Hannah Roberts, Natalja Sadikova, Owen Thomas and Elina Unger. Superhybrid was curated by Peter Lewis. The "Rorschach Audio" soundtrack also featured dialogue from "The Source of Strontium 90" from "24 Roadside Resistance" by Against All Authority (2000) and from "Call It Sleep", a Situationist videotape by Isaac Cronin and Terrel Seltzer (1982).