Conic Study

29 May 2013

Conic Study 11
Duration: 2.52 minutes

Conic Study 11 is one of the series of 13 studies which have been made in parallel with Conic
Trilogy, these short video works are like notations or scraps of important material initially
uniform and fragmented that gradually form into the literary equivalent of short stories.
Intrinsic to the production of all these works is the research process, gathering together from
across a wide spectrum of moving imagery, stuff that has at some level the potential for the
construction of an artwork. Whilst the major works have as an important element, duration,
time taken for the viewer to experience the video, the intensity building over a period of time,
the studies are of necessity short, cryptic and razor sharp, the editing is almost brutal which
leads to an economy of means that by its very nature does not allow the viewer to dwell
upon any one image. We get the sense of entering the work which has been in some way
already ongoing prior to us, similarly there is no sense of an ending in the traditional sense
of there being a closure, we are left suspended as if we have by some accident become a
party to an event albeit one that will have serious ramifications.