Lost and found on the subjectiles shuttle

4 June 2013

lost and found on the subjectiles shuttle

the streets leading up to the castle
were filled with projectiles
& wading through them
though ankle-deep
we then found

lost to history
we had become
subjects of an inquiry
so we dropped our plans
but changing our objectives
we found that we were now lost

it was just then
that the whole thing
became a filmic fantasy
where boundaries between
the subjective and the objective
got lost in a blur of over-production

could we but have known then that
the prescription for our happiness
had got lost in the channels
of bureaucracy gone wild
we would have found
an opt-out clause


we found that
the happy ending
was not to be our forte
& that we had irreversibly
lost our way on the unmarked
highway to the land of our dreams

the subjectile shuttle has its own schedule

roy exley