Theatre of Representation

23 January 2014

(after de Sade)

Voluptuaries of all ages, of every sex, it is to you only that I offer this work, nourish yourselves upon its principles...

She kisses him, touches the prick straining in his breeches, and the young man leaves in haste.

They enter the boudoir, linked arm in arm.

D. seizes E, folds her in his arms and kisses her.

She kisses him indecently on the mouth.

She puts herself in D's arms, he kisses her ardently, tongue in mouth.

...kissing her in the same way.

At this point d holding first one in his arms, and then the other, tongues both, each for a quarter of an hour, and they both tongue one another and him.

...helping her undress...

...considering, without touching, E's breasts.

Saying which D appears eager to turn E about in order to inspect her from behind.

Stammering and kissing E on the mouth.

He strikes the former through the gauze dressing gown in which E is presently arrayed.

D who, as he discusses them, one by one touches the parts of Madame St.A's body.

D lies down and Mme StA demonstrates.

She touches E's cunt.

She spreads wide E's buttocks and indicates the anus.

E fondling D's testicles.

he strips her, and his first glances are instantly directed upon her behind.

He fingers and kisses it, transported.

He raises Mme StA's negligee and caresses her behind.

He lavishes kisses upon each.

They intertwine their bodies in such a manner that both asses confront D.

He stands and clasps his prick to the girl's ass.

They do as they have said.

She discharges between her two initiators.

Mme StA presenting her buttocks to him.

Mme StA swooning

Calm being to some degree re-established during these expositions, the women clad again in their negligees, are reclining upon a couch, and D seated in an armchair close by.

E flinging herself upon Mme St A's breast

E throwing herself into Mme St A's arms

E turning red

D kissing and fondling the young lady

D kissing E

E, in a lowered and halting voice.

E flushing

E continuing

Mme St A stammering

Mme St A throwing her arms about his neck

D kisses her entire body and bestows light smacks upon her buttocks; he has an erection; his hands, from time to time, also over MmeStA's behind which is lubriciously tendered to him; restored a little to his senses, D proceeds.

She does so.

E does it

The positions are arranged

Shift of attitude, and D goes on.

E assumes her place.

He sucks her

D coolly

They embrace

E, first to addressing herself to Mme StA

E frigging herself

Taking E in her arms

E wild eyed, beside herself.

She seizes it

D greatly aroused

He kisses her; his hands rover over her charms.

D who has already got his hands upon C

E already being frigged by Mme StA

It should be pointed out that the pollutions continue throughout all of this dialogue.

E continously frigged by her friend, as is C by D

During the crisis, D has carefully directed his friends outpourings of sperm upon the two women and principally upon E, who finds herself drenched.

E rigging up the dildo

She buggers D

D kissing E

At this point the interlocutors, set to rights, have ceased to occupy themselves with all but conversation.

Mme St A presenting A

D laughing

E blushing

To show E how it it done, he socratizes A himself.

Showing his rising prick

He frigs A D measuring

D seizing A

He introduces C's prick into his sister's cunt

A, D and C act inchorus; the fear of appearing monotonous prevents us from recording expressions which, upon such occassions, are all very apt to resemble one another. Showing A to the others.

Casting herself playfully into her friend's arms.

MmeStA bursting into laughter.

He strikes her ass.

Upon pronouncing these words, she falls into the arms of Mme StA, who clasps her, embraces her , and offers the young lady's elevated flanks to D

They take their places.

he beats her

D whipping merrily away

She takes a whip and flogs D

D halts a minute to contemplate his work,then, starting again.

The posture is dissolved.

MmeStA examining E's buttocks

D polluting himself

In a lower voice so as not to be heard by A

E wild eyed

He takes her in his arms

As D gives his orders, each person executes them, taking his post.

MmeStA opens a chest filled with a store of them, and our hero selects the most massive.

He withdraws, ther circle breaks.

E palpitating

The posture is asumed

The disposition is effected

He kisses her, frigs her, burying a finger in her cunt while Mme StA strums E's clitoris.

C taking a firm grip upon his rampant prick

She screams; tears roll down her cheeks

She struggles

C discharges, while he fucked, D toyed with his ass and balls, and MmeStA tickled E's clitoris. They dissolve their positions.

C grasping A's mammoth device.

A seizing E

All is arranged

D swinging his whip with all his strength

D executing his proposal

The attitudes are dissolved.