Peter Lewis


"Meno {2:1}" after Plato dialogue - installation views T1+2 Gallery 2008


Andre Malraux, Research for the Imaginary Museum, Department of Melancholia


Archive 35mm, the imaginary museum (archive) [1]


Archive 35mm, the imaginary museum (archive) [2]


Archive 35mm, the imaginary museum (archive) [3]


Art Science Fiction Peter Lewis, Chris Bloor, Simon Morris with Brian Catling, Milena Dragicevic, Nathaniel Mellors, Mark von Schlegell at Henry Moore Lecture Theatre, Leeds Art Gallery, 17th January 2106 (symposium)


Art Science Fiction, Henry Moore lecture theatre, Leeds city Art Gallery, 9 January 2016


Big Blue, Turbine Hall, Tate Modern, part of Century City, inaugural exhibition, 2000 (poster project Peter Lewis invited by curator, Emma Dexter) [1]


BOMBLOG: Circuits and Loops: Tom McCarthy & Margarita Gluzberg by Tom McCarthy and Margarita Gluzberg (text)


Clerambault - redux Sartorial Superego (Photographs)


Dalai Lama in conversation with Michel Bitbol Why the Moon follows me: Observation and Relationality in Quantum Phenomena (interview)


Dr Cheikh Anta Diop, African Origins of Humanity (educational television programme)


En Rebellia, Female Narratives in the Arab World [2]


En Rebellia, In Rebellion, Female Narratives in the Arab World [1] IVAM Valencia (exhibition)


Esther Windsor, Beast Manifesto (poster)


Fashion 'l'etranger' (photography)


Florilegium (text)


For Joan Copjec , from' The Sartorial Superego' on Clerambault [the gaze [enjoyment] of the Moroccan Other] -drawing the displayed mark of division (photography)


Frieze, Museum Staff (photographs)


Gérard Berréby, Thèrése Dubrule I never saw Guy Debord do the dishes (interview)


Giorgio de Chirico, Euripides (drawing) 1921


Giorgio Sadotti, MUDDY WATERS MUDDY WATER MUD WATER MUD [UNROLL] (installed posters) noshowspace, London, 6 Jun - 5 Jul, 2014


Guerrilla Plagiarism: beyond causation - alternative media in the post-media age : The Other Way Round (text)


HS Projects, Paradigm Store, Howick Place, London, 2014 (curation)


Imagined Futures and Free Spirits (text)


Imagined Futures and Free Spirits, 20 Positions for an Exhibition. Catalogue essay published by Leeds Beckett University, MA Art and Design Show 2017






Jutta Koether/ Benjamin Buchloch interview (text)


L'etant donne (photography)


Leeds Beckett University MA Art and Design, Going to pieces [not] falling apart, Gallery House, Leeds 2017


Leeds Beckett University, Beuys Projekt, Leeds Art Gallery


Mediterranea (series)


Mediterranean Struggles for Movement and the European Government of Bodies: An Interview with Étienne Balibar and Nicholas De Genova (text)


Melancholia (video)


Merlin Carpenter at Simon Lee


MERZ -after Schwitters (photographs)


Muslim artists want their work removed from Israeli exhibition (text)


Naming Rights at Thomas Dane Gallery Artists space/project (description)


Near, Sharjah Art Museum, Sharjah, UAE (exhibition) 1998


New test article to launch issue 16


New York Oedipus [rise and fall]


Pool (video)


Pulse Demons, Culture Machine, Vol 9 (2007) by Eugene Thacker (text)


Research for the Imaginary Museum,Department of Melancholia


Robert Frank at IVAM, Valencia


Sydney Review of Books, Written by IVOR INDYK (text)


The Other Way Round - Afterall Magazine 44 Foreword Candice Hopkins (text)


The Waiting Room, Double Life (group exhibition) curated by Peter Lewis and Esther Windsor, 1997, University of Wolverhampton


The Wirth Bronze Gallery, Hauser & Wirth at Frieze, curated by Mary Beard (curation)- Research for the Imaginary Museum, Department of Melancholia


Toby Mott/Gee Vaucher, Cultural Traffic / Introspective, Firstsite Gallery, Colchester (exhibition/ independent publishing)


Toby Ziegler at the Freud Museum, London


Toby Ziegler-The Genesis Speech


VIDEO CURATING PROJECT Leeds Beckett University Library VHS Video Archive donated to M.A. Art and Design, LBU at Gallery House, Leeds 2017-2018


Viva Arte Viva - Introduction By Christine Macel, curator of the central international art exhibition